Monday, October 13, 2008

Operation Baking Gals and "Old Food"

So I guess I have a lot of updating to do for my first foodie post. I keep taking pictures and thinking that I'm going to come on and post them, then I never get to it. So I guess I have a lot of "old food" to blog about today! =)

This soup rocked! I say that I'm not much of a cook (although sometimes that might just be to get Ad to cook) but I guess I don't mind too much. This soup I made on a chilly pre-fall day; I remember it being one of those days where you know you need to be "good" but all you really want to do is eat. So I threw this soup together...pretty easy; a ton of veggies, a (measured!) serving of pasta, chicken broth, and a little rue to thicken it up. I had some homemade pita chips that I brought home from work, so I threw those on, too. This probably made 3-4 bowls and really hit the spot.

I really hate those days where you change a recipe and it doesn't turn out how you planned. That was these Apple Cream Bars. These originally were a recipe for caramel bars, using packaged caramels. I'm not one for using packages items, so I decided to use sweetened condensed milk and slowly heat it on the stove top, to make a caramel. Yeah, that didn't work. Maybe if I had used a double boiler? I didn't want to do the "boil-the-can" method, basically....which, on a side note, WOULD of worked. So I went with the sort-of-caramel-but-not-really anyway, and added chopped apple. The bars came out ok, but I definitely got a cream flavor and not the caramel flavor I was looking for. Oh well, they still looked pretty.


In August I came across this great group, and immediately signed up. I had been wanting to do SOMETHING for our troops, but just didn't know what or how. This group was just what I had been looking for. Every month, there are several teams, and each team has a different solider to send their items to. You can find the Operation Baking Gals site here.

Some baked goods that I sent this last month:

Pumpkin Bread

Milk Chocolate Chip Cookies

Pumpkin Chip Muffins

I also sent puppy chow (which I LOVE!) and some packaged Halloween candy. I'm already looking through my cookbooks to figure out what I will send the next round. Very exciting! =)

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