Saturday, August 29, 2009

Baby Shower Cake

I haven't posted in's been too hot and muggy this month to even turn on the oven. Luckily this week the temp nose-dived from 90's to 70's...just in time for the baby shower cake that my friend asked me to make for her sister-in-law. My friend is also quite pregnant, and asked that one of the layers of the cake be white with chocolate chips (a flavor I made a few years ago for her son's birthday.) For some reason my stand by white cake recipe that I've made at least a million times failed me the last few times I made it, so this time I chose to try a new recipe...and I found a winner. I found the recipe here on Cake Central. The second layer I decided to make pumpkin and fill with cinnamon-maple buttercream. This pumpkin cake is probably hands down one of my favorite is super easy to throw together, holds up well yet has a soft crumb. I found the original recipe here. Both these recipes I followed as is, and they turned out great. The last tier I decided to do chocolate, and used my usual Moosewood recipe, which I've posted about before. You can find the recipe on Moosewood Restaurant's site. I dropped the cake off to my friend this morning, and she seemed pleased with it...hopefully the baby shower guests will be too!