Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tuxedo Strawberries

I'm not going to lie...I'm a little embarrassed to post about these. I am SO out of practice! But I haven't posted in a few days, so I figured I might as well. On Saturday we are having Ad's mom up for Valentine's lunch, and she loves chocolate covered strawberries. I make them for her a few times a year, so I decided to make these tuxedo strawberries to garnish the dessert I'm making, and also make extra for her take home. The last time I made tuxedos was last Valentine's; I think I should make them a little more often to keep in practice! I just couldn't get my "v"'s consistent on all the strawberries, and the bows...forget about it! Maybe I can blame it on "background distractions?" I'm not a big chocolate covered strawberry person, but I ate a few to "hide" my mistakes...maybe there is something about the chocolate not being set up all the way that makes them taste better to me? I don't know, but they were awesome. I could of eaten the whole tray, but I have to keep remembering...beach in April!


Mom on the Run said...

These are so cute! Can you send me!

Fahrenheit 350° said...

If you are out of practice - I have no hope! These are gorgeous! -fellow DB