Sunday, January 18, 2009

Boredom Baking

I have a feeling there will be more posts titled "Boredom Baking" in the upcoming weeks, as this is the last week that I will be working at the cafe. It stinks, but that is the way the economy goes, I guess. If anyone needs a pastry chef, let me know. =(
I have such a hard time with boredom baking...I think maybe I need to find a hobby. I get bored, get antsy, so I start reading one of my million baking books. Then I get antsy to bake something. And that means baking something that has no actual place to go. I don't actually want to eat it, Ad and the girls want to eat too much of it.
On Friday, I finished my "to do" list at work really early, so when I got home I made some short dough...for no actual purpose, just because I thought I might use it sometime in the near future for something. So last night I decided to make a few cut outs using the dough, and the end result was these cookies. Normally I would decorate them with royal icing, but I decided to use regular buttercream. The girls thought they were cute, especially the ones that I made that had their names. Em also informed me that they tasted much better than normal because they were "nice and soft...not so hard." LOL; I guess she isn't into the royal icing so much. =)

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