Monday, December 15, 2008

Snowflake Butter Cookies

Making these cookies really makes me wonder how Anna has the patience to decorate the butter cookies at work like she does. I really enjoy decorating snowflakes like these, but man they are time consuming! Maybe it's just because when you do "projects" like this at home, you are are bound to get interrupted by two little girls, wondering what you are doing, wanting to watch (which means getting too close and bumping into me while I'm trying to pipe royal icing,) wanting to help, or wanting me to stop a million times to get them something. These snowflakes are all that I have the patience for, probably in part because I only need two colors of icing, and one tip. And I can't help getting a little nostalgic, remembering how my sister and dad taught me to make paper snowflakes when I was little (something that I've recently failed at teaching Em and Cam!) Anyway, I thought these cookies turned out really pretty, and I have more dough in the fridge ready to be rolled out, so I probably will be making more in the next few days. Sorry no recipe on this one; it's a cafe recipe, so I can't disclose! =)

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